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Making computers easier to use

Microsoft Windows has a few features to help people with disabilities use computers. Speech recognition allows a user to tell a computer what to do. Narrator reads text aloud. Magnifier increases the screen size. Even the mouse pointer can be enlarged. Windows also has an onscreen keyboard. These accessibility features are free with Windows. Some are easy to use, while others take patience and time to learn.  

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Buses in Malta

An old and new bus in Malta.

On holiday in Malta recently, buses were the best way of getting around the small Mediterranean island. There were many scenarios trying to get on a bus with my scooter. These included many not stopping, being too full, ramps breaking and metal ramp rings pulling off. Locals and tourists frequently used the buses. No one seemed concerned by the full buses. By the end of the holiday, we had enough of busing. Back home in Melbourne I take trams regularly but I have never caught a bus. I am interested to know what others think about their bus experiences in Victoria.

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Volunteering is rewarding

Two men sitting outside a cafe having a coffee.

Volunteering can be a fun, sociable and rewarding experience. It also provides important help to other people. Many different kinds of organisations use volunteers. One of my volunteer roles is working as a mentor with people with mental illness. The program is called Connecting Mentors and Mates and is organised by Doutta Galla Community Health. As a mentor, I am paired with participants who want to work on improving their connections in the community. My role is to support this person in working towards a goal of their choice.

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The Other Film Festival

A negative film strip.

The Other Film Festival is held every two years. It shows films by, with or about people with disability. Entries for this year’s festival are open until 30 April. Rick Randall is its artistic director. He says it is rare for first-time filmmakers to have their work selected. But Gemma Falk’s first film screened at the festival in 2012. It has since been shown overseas. Rick advises beginners to seek support from experienced filmmakers. People can also contribute to the Other Film Festival as volunteers. The festival will run from 3 to 7 December 2014.

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Heist: Art with attitude

Close up of colour paints.

Heist eGallery is an online art gallery. It’s run by Arts Access Victoria. Heist gives artists with a disability a space to exhibit their work. The website was started with a Victorian government grant. The artwork on Heist is full of color and beauty. It also stirs the imagination and awakens new ideas. Heist has different exhibits with thought-provoking themes. The current exhibition is Disclosure. It examines the relationship between disability, identity and creativity. The exhibition features a diverse range of artists. They use sculptures, paintings and drawings to intrigue and surprise their audience.

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