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The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

A unique read.

Published in 2003, Mark Hatton’s “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” is a mystery novel set in England. It’s narrated by a fifteen year old boy, Christopher John Francis Boone. He has Asperger’s syndrome but this is only mentioned in the book notes. Hatton writes in the first person, which I believe increases the sense of intimacy in the story. The main theme of this book explores Christopher’s experience of living with Asperger’s syndrome and how his condition impacts those close to him.
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Featured article from Rights and policies

A girl looking down with her head in her hands.
Girl with her head in her hands

The right to be safe from abuse.

The Victorian Government is conducting an inquiry into abuse in disability services. The first stage of the inquiry has already been completed. Stage 2 is happening now. The inquiry is investigating why the abuse of people with disability is not reported. It is trying to find ways to improve systems and stop abuse from occurring. People can make submissions about their experiences to the inquiry. Speaking up about abuse can be confronting. But hopefully this will help keep people safe from abuse and neglect. Submissions to the inquiry close on 30 October 2015.
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Featured article from Rights and policies

A young girl performing ballet.
Girl doing ballet

The government wants to know about your experiences.

The Victorian Government wants to hear from people with a disability. Are you a person with a disability who is over 18 years old? The Victorian Government wants to know about your experiences, in your life and your community, since the State Disability Plan 2013 – 2016 started on 1 January 2013.The survey will be open until 6 November 2015.
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Featured article from Access

Smart home options on a phone.
Smart home phone

Controlling a house via your phone.

Finding a house to live in can be very difficult for people with disabilities. Apart from cost, houses are rarely easily accessible for people with disabilities. The federal government has created design guidelines to help make houses more accessible. Smart house technology can make houses even more disability friendly. The technology gives people with disabilities easy control of household functions like temperature and lighting. It can enable people to live a more independent life.
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Featured article from Arts and Entertainment

A spaceship in the sky
Alien spaceship

Seeking actors to battle aliens

How would people with disabilities fair if aliens invaded? A new science-fiction comedy web-series aims to play with that situation. The series is set in Australia and has four main characters with a variety of disabilities. The series creators have previously made a documentary and comedy short film about people with disabilities. They are currently looking for actors to play teenage characters with autism, Down syndrome, low vision, and one who uses a wheelchair. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. But hurry, auditions will take place soon.
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