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Students sitting in a gym facing Gary.
There are lots of questions.

There are lots of questions.

It was a game of basketball with a difference. Replacing the squeal of sneakers on the court came the sound of clashing wheelchairs. With the cheers of about 30 teenagers from the sideline, the game was on in earnest. And as the students from Victoria University Secondary College in St Albans were finding out, this match wasn't so much about winning or losing. It was about the challenges of life when using a wheelchair. The game was part of the Wheeltalk School Awareness Program that encourages people to think about diversity, disability and acceptance.
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A memorial for the Boston Marathon winners.
boston marathon

Memorial to the Boston Marathon victims.

The book "Stronger "is about Jeff Bauman who lost both his legs in the Boston marathon bombing in 2013. It is a powerful book that shows how the bombing changed his life and the challenges Jeff went through, and continues to experience. Jeff was given great support from his family and the public, including appearing at sporting events. With great determination Jeff learns to walk again.
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Swab applicators in glass tubes.

A swab is taken from the cervix.

Pap tests are part of good health care for women. They can help prevent cervical cancer. Every woman who has been sexually active needs to have a Pap test every two years. But not all women with disabilities have access to regular tests. There are several reasons for this. PapScreen Victoria is aware of these problems. They have resources on their website for women with disabilities. This includes information about accessible clinics. Pap tests save lives. It is important for women to be able to have them.
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Two women sitting and facing one another. Their faces aren't shown.

Counselling got me back on track.

When people learn that I am vision impaired, more often than not I am greeted with annoying responses. Because I have challenges doesn't mean I'm abnormal or a "poor thing". Moving forward after developing a vision impairment took lots of counselling. However, it has allowed me to be independent. Dealing with feelings and learning to adapt and adjust has enriched my life. And just because my journey is different, I now have to learn how to respond to and deal with inappropriate replies.
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