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Kate Giles
It is not always easy finding a gift for someone. Shopping is difficult for many people with a disability. I have found gifts with personal photos make great presents. There is a huge variety of gifts available. Some items are very cheap. Getting started is easy. Most tools have plenty of help available. I like making photo books of images from my holidays. I have also made photo books for birthday presents.
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Kate Giles on 21/03/2011
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Have you ever been stuck for a gift?

Have you ever been stuck when buying a gift? Do you find shopping difficult? Shopping with a disability can be challenging and tiring. Making personalised gifts at home could be the answer.

We have all heard of online shopping. But how about creating beautifully crafted photo books? Or personalised calendars and diaries? You can order striking, professionally printed items that soon arrive on your doorstep. You will never again be at a loss for the perfect gift.

Enormous range

Gifts ranging from luggage tags to peaked hats to stubby holders can be made special just by adding a photo. You can even add a picture and a name to a pen. Cards are another speciality. The range of available items is enormous.

Every budget is accommodated. I can remember giving a personalised notebook and pen to a friend for her birthday. She was absolutely delighted. It cost me less than $10. And that was for the postage. The item itself was free. Many photo gift websites will regularly send you discount offers via email if you sign up.

Getting started is easy. All you need is bit of time and a computer with internet access. Then just search for personalised gifts or photo gifts and start browsing.

Perseverance pays off

Your biggest dilemma will be choosing a supplier. Most sites have a wonderful array of layouts, backgrounds and colours to work with. Some programs require people to remain online to create their item. Other programs can be downloaded for use at any time. Some projects require completion in one sitting. Others enable you to save your work and finish it later. Some are easy and others are more complicated.  Until you get to know a program or a website it can be a matter of trial-and-error. But perseverance usually pays off.

If you do get into trouble, most services provide plenty of help. Many websites have illustrations and instructions. Many also offer email support. Video tutorials can be another source of assistance. The more you experiment, the more creative you will become. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of making your own creations. With all the assistance available you will soon be on your way making imaginative gifts for every occasion.

Wonderful memories

I recently gave my dad a photo book with all the family photos taken over a span of 150 years. It was a real hit. My next photo book project is already in production for my grandson’s 21st birthday. It includes photos and stories from his whole life. I have also made a beautifully bound photo book full of wonderful memories after every holiday.

We all know life sometimes isn’t all that simple when coping with a disability. We are always looking for ways to make life a little easier. I have found that online personalised gifts have done just that for me. Give it a try.

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