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Thomas Banks
I went to see a show called Glimpse at a theatre venue in Melbourne. It's about the lives of 8 different characters. It's about how talking to a stranger can lead to something more meaningful. It talks about issues of homelessness, isolation, alcohol and divorce within relationships. I was able to relate to some of the themes. I highly recommend this play.
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Thomas Banks on 22/11/2012
Characters Bluey and Julian shake hands, in the background are projected line drawings of a laneway.

Catching the eye of a total stranger. (Image Jason Chatfield)

Glimpse portrays a story about life and everyday moments in our lives. The performance uses the stories of eight strangers who on the surface appear to come from very different worlds. Glimpse explores the notion of catching an eye of a total stranger and what could happen if this moment developed into something more; something heartfelt.

A realistic world

From the very first moment, the audience enter a realistic world where homeless men are begging on cold streets, where selfish businessmen choose their work over their dying mothers, where rebellious teenagers run away from their mothers to follow their dreams, where single fathers flirt with their daughter's teachers and where crazy people are just a part of the furniture.

The acting was of a high standard because it made the characters seem believable. There were themes of homelessness, neglect, alcoholism, issues in relationships and loneliness. It took you on a journey where the emotions were divided equally between sadness and happiness, which was apparent right from the opening scene.

Stand-out characters

The character Poppy, who was a nurse, stood out for me as an audience member. She went through a crazy meltdown because she was working too many hours at the hospital with very little sleep, which is something that I could relate to. I also found the dialogue between Bluey and Julian, a homeless man and an alcoholic, to be quite engaging as I find we rarely see these characters in shows so we had the opportunity to experience their worlds as well.

The set and lighting was simple with a projection of line drawings. Something I really enjoyed was how the theatre was an entirely active space and to witness the silent dialogue between the actors as the audience took their seats.

The play is directed by Laura Maitland and Noni Hazlehurst and presented by the Kin Collective.

Glimpse has an award winning cast of some of Australia's highly respected actors including; Michala Banas, Marg Downey, Laura Maitland, Mark Diaco, Laura Maitland and Keith Brockett.

Low accessibility

Unfortunately the venue - fortyfivedownstairs, has very limited access. It has just 100 seats and a theatre patron who uses a wheelchair would need to contact the theatre and request access by the back door on Flinders Street. A seating location would then be arranged by the front of house manager. No audio description, Auslan or captioning is available.

I highly recommend Glimpse to other audiences who are looking for engaging theatre. Glimpse offers an opportunity to be bold when talking to strangers and have no fear when looking inside their lives.

Glimpse is playing at fortyfivedownstairs in Flinders Lane, until Sunday 2 December.

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Brilliantly written!

Very interesting.... thank you Thomas!

Went to see this with a friend last Saturday night. Thought it was fantastic, and easy to follow given that I'm vision impaired. Unfortunately it's now finished its run, but I'm glad I made the effort to go.

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