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Deanne Newton
Emma Norton is a young actress and member of the BoilOver Inclusive Theatre Ensemble. The Melbourne-based theatre group is made up of people with a disability who love to perform. Emma has enjoyed acting since she was a child. She is also studying an acting course at NMIT. This week Emma will perform in her fourth play for BoilOver, called Innermost. In February, Emma spoke at a meeting in Canberra about the NDIS. She spoke about the great things she has done in her life.
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Deanne Newton on 11/03/2014
A woman performs on stage in front of a film showing a woman's face. The image is dark and haunting.
A woman performs on stage in front of a film showing a woman's face. The image is dark and haunting.

Performers reveal inner secrets.


Emma Norton is a talented young performer who has played an important part in the success of the BoilOver Inclusive Theatre Ensemble.

BoilOver Inclusive Performance Ensemble is a dance theatre company based in Sunbury, Victoria. BoilOver is a diverse group of performers with a disability who each have a distinct view of the world and their place in it. BoilOver devises its performance works in a safe, supportive, fun and local environment, and believes everyone has important creative offerings to share.

The ensemble owes its success to its dedicated performers who workshop, write and perform their own work. Emma has appeared in company productions It's Like A Moment, The Boy Who Could Fly, All Kinds of Fairy Tales and now Innermost.


Emma is looking forward to performing in BoilOver Theatre's latest production, Innermost. She has been passionate about performance throughout her life and has been involved in various theatre groups since the age of seven. She is currently studying through the Ignition Theatre course at NMIT. She says what she enjoys most about the course includes expressing herself physically through performance and learning about behind the scenes aspects of production such as sound and lighting. She also loves working with others. 

Campaigning for the NDIS

Emma was honoured to be chosen to travel to the ACT on February 27 as part of an event to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  A live webinar called, A Strong Voice, Self Advocacy talked about how people with disability take control of their own lives and learn to speak confidently about what they want and need. Emma spoke as part of a panel about her achievements. She laughed the trip was extremely busy as she flew from Melbourne to Canberra and back in one day. 


Innermost is a collection of intimate short performances. Through film, song and movement performers reveal inner secrets and fantasies that are not usually visible. The piece provides opportunity for audiences to get up close and personal with performers through visual, auditory and tactile formats, and to be immersed in their intriguing inner worlds.

One of the films, Skin Touching Sky, was devised and performed by Emma. She jokes it was inspired by her ambition to be an underwear model. In the film, a free spirited Emma expresses the beauty of movement and her love of dance.

Innermost will run for six performances on March 14 and 15 at the Performance Space, Footscray Community Art Centre. Tickets are $20 or $15 concession.

 Bookings and further information is available via the Footscray Arts Centre or Festival of Live Art.


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