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Arts showcase 31 articles

Heist: Art with attitude

Close up of colour paints.

Heist eGallery is an online art gallery. It’s run by Arts Access Victoria. Heist gives artists with a disability a space to exhibit their work. The website was started with a Victorian government grant. The artwork on Heist is full of color and beauty. It also stirs the imagination and awakens new ideas. Heist has different exhibits with thought-provoking themes. The current exhibition is Disclosure. It examines the relationship between disability, identity and creativity. The exhibition features a diverse range of artists. They use sculptures, paintings and drawings to intrigue and surprise their audience.

Posted by: Peter Williams, on 28/03/14

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Opportunities 16 articles

An opportunity for artists with disability

Pencils in an upright container.

The Australia Council for the Arts is our national arts funding and advisory body. They have a new Artists with Disability Program. Individuals and groups can apply for funding. Morwenna Collett is the Australia Council’s Disability Coordinator. She hopes many people will apply for the program. A lot of high quality applications might mean it continues beyond 2014. Morwenna is sure the program will fund good art. Information sessions about the Artists with Disability Program will be held around the country. Details can be found on the Australia Council website.

Posted by: Caitilin Punshon, on 16/01/14

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Artists spotlight 28 articles

The photographer with a guide dog

A photo of a digital camera.

Andrew Follows is a man who has a guide dog in one hand and a camera in the other. He does not let vision impairment stand in the way of taking photos. When Andrew wanted to take a photo course it was seen to be a joke. Andrew has since shown others that you can take photos even if you can’t see. Some scratch their heads to see a man with a guide dog taking photos. Andrew has shown his pictures in art galleries.  He has trained others with vision impairment to use a camera. He really enjoys what he does. 

Posted by: Graeme Turner, on 14/02/14

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Books 43 articles

Surviving the Boston Marathon bombing

A memorial for the Boston Marathon victims.

The book Stronger is about Jeff Bauman who lost both his legs in the Boston marathon bombing in 2013. It is a powerful book that shows how the bombing changed his life and the challenges Jeff went through, and continues to experience. Jeff was given great support from his family and the public, including appearing at sporting events. With great determination Jeff learns to walk again.

Posted by: Isabella Fels, on 24/10/14

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Film 27 articles

Watching without watching

People in a cinema watching the screen.

Audio description allows a person with a vision impairment to follow the action in the film. After a film is made, a professional narrator records a description of what is happening on the screen. The narration is added to the film and can be heard by a person using a radio and headset in the cinema. If there is a fight or a love scene, a good describer tells the listener exactly what is happening. For example, Jack punches Fred in the chest. Cinema chains are setting up more screens with the special equipment needed for audio description. But there is still a fair way to go before every movie has audio description.

Posted by: Graeme Turner, on 08/08/14

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Music 36 articles

Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra

A close-up of a microphone.

The Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra is a Melbourne band. Its members Jess, Anthea and Tim all have disabilities. They play original music and other peoples’ music. They sing about love, sex, death, disability and British mythology. The band has a song called ‘Welcome’. It is about the more challenging and personal aspects of living with a disability. The band hopes it can educate the public. The band won an award for the music video of the song.  

Posted by: Nicole Smith, on 29/11/13

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