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Surviving the Boston Marathon bombing

A memorial for the Boston Marathon victims.

The book Stronger is about Jeff Bauman who lost both his legs in the Boston marathon bombing in 2013. It is a powerful book that shows how the bombing changed his life and the challenges Jeff went through, and continues to experience. Jeff was given great support from his family and the public, including appearing at sporting events. With great determination Jeff learns to walk again.

Posted by: Isabella Fels, on 24/10/14

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Kate's story of 'Madness'

The book cover.

Kate Richards is a Melbourne writer. Her first book is called Madness: A Memoir. It is about her experience with mental illness. Parts of the book are disturbing. It contains descriptions of depression, psychosis and self-harm. But there are moments of beauty too. Kate's book has won several awards. It is very well written and has had a positive response from readers. In the end, it is an important and uplifting story.

Posted by: Caitilin Punshon, on 05/09/14

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Healing Words

Picture of book called the Emerging Writer

The written word can aid in healing. Self-help books offer advice on living with disabilities. Memoirs help people relate to those who have illnesses. Novels can distract the reader from their health concerns as well as offer insights into disabilities. A reference book called  The Novel Cure offers an A to Z of literary remedies. Apart from reading, writing therapy can also aid healing.

Posted by: Graham Clements, on 01/11/13

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Handle With Care

close up of person selecting a book from a book shelf

Willow is a very clever five year old. She also has a condition which causes brittle bones. In the book, Handle With Care, Willow's parents go to court to fight for money to help her but some people think Willow's parents just want to be rich. Willow's family wonder if fighting for money is just making them unhappy. The book talks about the many difficulties faced for children and their families living with disabilities. This helps readers to understand their lives.

Posted by: Deanne Newton, on 09/10/13

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On the Spectrum

Books piled on top of one another

Graeme Simsion and Jo Case have written books that have Asperger's Syndrome at their centre. Both writers recently appeared at the Melbourne Writers Festival. Simsion's book is a fictional romantic comedy, called 'The Rosie Project'. Case's book, 'Boomer and Me', is a true life account of raising a son with Asperger's. The books show how diverse people with Asperger's Syndrome can be.

Posted by: Graham Clements, on 07/10/13

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