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Bernadette Lancefield

Bernadette LancefieldI'm blind and have a seeing-eye dog named Zora. I completed an arts degree at Monash University, majoring in English. I've also studied psychology and behavioural studies subjects. I've always enjoyed writing. I've had articles, short stories and poems published in magazines. Through writing for Divine, I hope to combine my passion for helping others, and my interest in psychology.

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An Earfilm is a film that relies completely on audio and imagination. The audience is blindfolded. It uses 3D sound, a cinematic musical score and live storytelling and narration. An Earfilm will be held at the Melbourne Recital Centre. To Sleep to Dream will play from 7 to 11 March.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 07/03/14 | Arts | Arts showcase



ComPilot is a small device that connects wireless hearing aids with Bluetooth technology. It hangs from a cord around your neck. I use it to help me hear the TV and my iPhone better. ComPilot has improved my experience of listening to TV. Not only is the volume louder but speech is easier to understand. I’ve also found ComPilot helpful when texting on my iPhone in public, as no one else can hear what I’m typing. I recommend ComPilot for anyone who wears wireless hearing aids and has trouble hearing the TV and their mobile phone.


Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 25/02/14 | Tech talk | Assistive technologies

Sensory gardens

A sensory garden appeals to our five senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. In sensory gardens people with disabilities can interact with nature in a safe environment. Various plants are close to paths to invite visitors to touch petals, leaves and branches. There may be sunny and shady areas. Sounds in a garden may include water splashing from a fountain. I visited Vision Australia’s sensory garden in Melbourne. As I moved through the garden I enjoyed the various smells and feeling the different plants. I especially loved the yellow rose bush, the rosemary bush and the Kangaroo Paw.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 21/01/14 | Lifestyle | Home & garden

Heart and Sole

Eastern Heart and Sole is a walking group run by Vision Australia and the Heart Foundation. People meet each Tuesday for a five-kilometre walk in the eastern suburb of Boronia in Melbourne. Anyone who enjoys exercising in the fresh air and being social at the same time can come along. When I did the walk there were people with and without a vision impairment. I enjoyed the walk. We stopped for a while in a park .When we finished the walk we had a drink at a local café. We all talked to each other.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 22/11/13 | Lifestyle | Healthy living

Defending my faithful companion

Recently, my husband, Phil, and I took my dog guide, Zora, to a dog play park. Afterwards, we sat down with a coffee in a nearby café. The manager of the café came over and warned me that, in future, I couldn't bring my dog to the cafe. My husband informed the lady that it was against the law to refuse entry to a dog guide. The manager pointed out that the café had an outdoor area where we could sit. This exchange highlighted the need to educate the public about the rights of dog guides.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 29/10/13 | Rights & policies | Decisions & announcements

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