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Cooking 19 articles

A food paradise

A plate of chilli crab and gravy.

I think Singapore is a food paradise. There are many food choices people can eat in Singapore. They include Japanese, Chinese, Malay and Thai food. You can eat at the many food stalls, coffee shops and restaurants found everywhere. Some of the local favourite dishes are chilli crab, laksa, fish head curries and a chicken dish with rice. Singaporean people love eating food. One time I went with my family to a restaurant at midnight. It was so busy we had to wait for an empty table. If you visit Singapore try as many different foods as you can.

Posted by: Phoebe Tay, on 17/05/12

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Relationships 61 articles

The Haven

People walking along a path in a park.


The Haven is a supported and permanent home for people with mental illness, particularly those with schizophrenia. It opened in 2011 with the help of many individuals, companies and the government. There are 14 people who live there, including me. We each have our own unit. I have my own space and privacy. However we encouraged to mix. There is a communal living area where we get together to play table tennis, monopoly, and enjoy cooking groups. For many of us The Haven stands out for being the best place in the world.

Posted by: Isabella Fels, on 31/01/14

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Parenting 21 articles

Engaging Kids Today: A workshop by Dan Haesler

Young boy sitting in the grass with an iPad

As a practicing counsellor, I am always looking for opportunities to develop professionally. Attending workshops or reading text books helps me both at work and at home, as I have 3 young children. I attended a workshop last April called 'Engaging Kids Today, it's not just about iPads' by well known speaker, Dan Haesler. He spoke about engaging kids with technology, online programs and mobile applications. When I returned home, I discussed what I had learned with my middle son, Magnus. He was pleased that I had made the effort to learn more about the things he enjoys.

Posted by: Karli Dettman, on 14/06/13

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Healthy living 198 articles

Not abnormal or a 'poor thing', just different

Two women sitting towards each other. Their faces arent shown,

When people learn that I am vision impaired, more often than not I am greeted with annoying responses. Because I have challenges doesn't mean I'm abnormal or a poor thing. Moving forward after developing a vision impairment took lots of counselling. However, it has allowed me to be independent. Dealing with feelings and learning to adapt and adjust has enriched my life. And just because my journey is different, I now have to learn how to respond to and deal with inappropriate replies.

Posted by: Kate Giles, on 17/10/14

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Home & garden 26 articles

Sensory gardens

A close-up of a red Kangaroo Paw plant.

A sensory garden appeals to our five senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. In sensory gardens people with disabilities can interact with nature in a safe environment. Various plants are close to paths to invite visitors to touch petals, leaves and branches. There may be sunny and shady areas. Sounds in a garden may include water splashing from a fountain. I visited Vision Australia’s sensory garden in Melbourne. As I moved through the garden I enjoyed the various smells and feeling the different plants. I especially loved the yellow rose bush, the rosemary bush and the Kangaroo Paw.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 21/01/14

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Sport 58 articles

Skiing with a vision impairment

A close-up of a person's ski boots with a snowy mountain background.

The Vision Impaired Blind and Everyone (VIBE) Ski club is based at Mount Baw Baw in Victoria. The club promotes opportunities for people who are blind or vision-impaired to ski. Peggy is vision-impaired and has been involved in the club for many years. Peggy skis with a sighted guide who wears a high-visibility vest. Her guide gives her verbal directions. If the weather is good and Peggy can see enough, she follows her guide. When visibility is poor, Peggy skies beside her guide and holds onto the guide's ski pole.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 19/09/14

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Travel 49 articles

Surf access

Maureen and Jake in an all-terrain vehicle.

I had a wonderful experience with assistance getting into the surf to swim in Queensland recently. A lifeguard drove me to the water. I wondered if I could get this assistance at other beaches. I contacted Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and learned there are different groups responsible for safety at every beach. The Beachsafe website had very helpful information on just about every beach in Australia. It has links to service providers for beaches. However, there is not accessibility or amenities information. Contacting the relevant Surf Life Saving Club, as I did, is probably the best place to start.

Posted by: Maureen Corrigan, on 15/08/14

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