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Not abnormal or a 'poor thing', just different

Two women sitting towards each other. Their faces arent shown,

When people learn that I am vision impaired, more often than not I am greeted with annoying responses. Because I have challenges doesn't mean I'm abnormal or a poor thing. Moving forward after developing a vision impairment took lots of counselling. However, it has allowed me to be independent. Dealing with feelings and learning to adapt and adjust has enriched my life. And just because my journey is different, I now have to learn how to respond to and deal with inappropriate replies.

Posted by: Kate Giles, on 17/10/14

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Importance of accessible Pap tests

Swab applicators in glass tubes.

Pap tests are part of good health care for women. They can help prevent cervical cancer. Every woman who has been sexually active needs to have a Pap test every two years. But not all women with disabilities have access to regular tests. There are several reasons for this. PapScreen Victoria is aware of these problems. They have resources on their website for women with disabilities. This includes information about accessible clinics. Pap tests save lives. It is important for women to be able to have them.

Posted by: Caitilin Punshon, on 03/10/14

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Kate's story of 'Madness'

The book cover.

Kate Richards is a Melbourne writer. Her first book is called Madness: A Memoir. It is about her experience with mental illness. Parts of the book are disturbing. It contains descriptions of depression, psychosis and self-harm. But there are moments of beauty too. Kate's book has won several awards. It is very well written and has had a positive response from readers. In the end, it is an important and uplifting story.

Posted by: Caitilin Punshon, on 05/09/14

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Looking at OCD with humour

A burned roof and chimney.

I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. It means that I worry a lot. I worry I will lose my home and precious possessions in a huge fire or robbery. I also worry that if I don't vacuum enough I will find a mouse in my home. But recently I have been learning to try and use humour to combat my worries and fears. In a group therapy session I learn to take the excessive worry and disaster stories to such an extreme that they become funny. In a strange sort of way I can have a laugh and hope to beat the obsessive compulsive disorder.

Posted by: Isabella Fels, on 29/08/14

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Bronwyn massages her way to success

A close-up of a masseuse's hands massaging a person's leg.

Bronwyn Davies is blind and has been running her own massage clinic for the past eight years. She set up a room at home as a clinic. She types up her client's case history on a laptop with screen reading software. Bronwyn has built a good rapport with a physiotherapy clinic and they refer most of her clients to her. Bronwyn says that being a masseuse is a rewarding career and encourages anyone interested in the field to go for it.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 18/07/14

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