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Engaging Kids Today: A workshop by Dan Haesler

Young boy sitting in the grass with an iPad

As a practicing counsellor, I am always looking for opportunities to develop professionally. Attending workshops or reading text books helps me both at work and at home, as I have 3 young children. I attended a workshop last April called 'Engaging Kids Today, it's not just about iPads' by well known speaker, Dan Haesler. He spoke about engaging kids with technology, online programs and mobile applications. When I returned home, I discussed what I had learned with my middle son, Magnus. He was pleased that I had made the effort to learn more about the things he enjoys.

Posted by: Karli Dettman, on 14/06/13

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Hearing children, deaf parents and radio

Young boy listening to music on headphones

Recently, my elder son Bernhard turned on the radio at home and in the car without asking me for permission. He is 11 years old and has discovered the world of radio. I cannot hear the radio but it has never bothered me in the past. But now that radio concerns my delightful children, it does bother me. I wanted to know what sort of songs, music, and news items they would be hearing. I wanted to raise them well, and did not want them exposed to age inappropriateĀ radio or TV. I needed to find out more.

Posted by: Karli Dettman, on 26/03/13

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Educational resources for parents of Deaf children

Young mother teaching her toddler to sign

Parents sometimes get upset when their children are born deaf. They don't know what to do. There are some educational resources listed here that can teach parents how to communicate with their Deaf children. Educators or specialised schools can also help by giving parents new coping strategies as well as educational resources. But nothing beats spending time with your child in a family environment.

Posted by: Karli Dettman, on 09/01/13

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Kate's bundles of joy

Twin baby girls in a double pram with proud mother looking on

Kate has tunnel vision and night blindness. In 2010, Kate became pregnant with twins. This made Kate and her husband very happy.

Kate says the experience was also scary. She had a planned delivery. Because Kate was giving birth to twins, it was a risky pregnancy. Fortunately, Aurora and Abigail were born in a healthy condition.

Because of her vision-impairment, Kate is cautious. She only goes to places that she knows are safe. When at home, everything is locked up and dangerous items are always put away. Kate says parenting is hard at times, but also rewarding.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 04/12/12

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Insight - a specialist learning centre

Child reading Braille

In 2009 the only Victorian school for people who are blind or have vision impairment closed its doors. Alan Lachman then created Insight, a specialist service for the blind. Insight is now open in Berwick in Melbourne's south-east, with a specialist primary school will scheduled to open 2013. Insight will offer programs for pre-schoolers, secondary students and parents, welcoming all children who are blind or have vision impairment.

Posted by: Bernadette Lancefield, on 30/11/12

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