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Surf access

Maureen and Jake in an all-terrain vehicle.

I had a wonderful experience with assistance getting into the surf to swim in Queensland recently. A lifeguard drove me to the water. I wondered if I could get this assistance at other beaches. I contacted Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and learned there are different groups responsible for safety at every beach. The Beachsafe website had very helpful information on just about every beach in Australia. It has links to service providers for beaches. However, there is not accessibility or amenities information. Contacting the relevant Surf Life Saving Club, as I did, is probably the best place to start.

Posted by: Maureen Corrigan, on 15/08/14

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Tour de Bali

Cyclists riding through a street in Bali. On the side of the road a woman is weaving a mat.

There is nothing more exhilarating than freewheeling down the mountainside on the back of a tandem bike in Bali. Tandem bikes are sometimes not that easy to find. But after many hours of googling I stumbled across Bali Bike Baik Tours. We travelled to the top of Mount Kintamani where our bikes, including a tandem awaited. Our guide led the way through Bali's famous rice terraces, coconut groves and charming little villages where we learned about the lifestyles of Balinese people. The tour ended with a delicious traditional Balinese banquet. I cannot wait to do it all again.

Posted by: Kate Giles, on 25/07/14

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Sailing the seas

The Dawn Princess at a dock.

Going on a cruise can be daunting due to its size and the amount of people sharing the experience with you. However, the crew are so helpful, the access is adequate and the food is aplenty. The ship may be taking you to a wonderful destination, like New Zealand, but at the end of the day, the cruise is the holiday. Would I recommend a cruise for people who have a disability? If needed, I think it is important to travel with someone who can offer that extra support for personal care and access.

Posted by: Tully Zygier, on 10/06/14

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Experiencing Israel

A concrete beach ramp along the sand to the sea.

I did not know what to expect when I travelled to Israel. I wanted to see the country and experience the food. I found Tel Aviv was a vibrant and accessible city. There were accessible walkways, beach wheelchairs and bathing boxes in Tel Aviv’s beaches on the Mediterranean Sea coast. Even part of the old city was surprisingly accessible. I saw dividing walls but learned of friendly relations between Arabs and Jews. I also learned national disability insurance has been in place in Israel for many years. I felt safe and loved my time there.

Posted by: Maureen Corrigan, on 30/05/14

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Buses in Malta

An old and new bus in Malta.

On holiday in Malta recently, buses were the best way of getting around the small Mediterranean island. There were many scenarios trying to get on a bus with my scooter. These included many not stopping, being too full, ramps breaking and metal ramp rings pulling off. Locals and tourists frequently used the buses. No one seemed concerned by the full buses. By the end of the holiday, we had enough of busing. Back home in Melbourne I take trams regularly but I have never caught a bus. I am interested to know what others think about their bus experiences in Victoria.

Posted by: Maureen Corrigan, on 08/04/14

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