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Disability slacker pension

A person lying on a couch eating popcorn and watching TV.

Talkback radio and some newspapers seem to have it in for disability pensioners. They claim the number of disability pensioners is spiralling out of control. They say this is because there are too many 'bludgers' getting the Disability Support Pension (DSP). But the evidence says otherwise. The growth rate of people receiving the DSP has decreased over the past decade. This is despite Australia having one of the lowest employment rates for people with disabilities. And our population is increasing and getting older so there will be more people with disabilities. Convictions for defrauding the DSP are also rare.

Posted by: Graham Clements, on 01/08/14

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Proposed changes to welfare payments

A man being interviewed by a woman. Both are seated at a table.

A new report suggests making big changes to Centrelink payments. The report has a strong employment focus and recommends that people on welfare payments be encouraged to work as much as they are able. However, it is not always easy for people with a disability to find work. Sometimes employers do not want to hire people with a disability. It would be good if the review results in better support and opportunities for people. The government is asking people to let them know what they think of the review. You can make comments and submissions about it until 8 August.

Posted by: Caitilin Punshon, on 08/07/14

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Participating in the NDIS

 A photo of Thomas with a Divine poster in the background.

A trial of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is underway in the Barwon region of Victoria. DiVine writer Thomas Banks is part of the trial. He went through a lengthy process to create a disability support plan. He found the process frustrating at times. The plan included most of the things he wanted, and helped him grow his business. Thomas is pleased with the NDIS. He does not think the NDIS rollout should be delayed.

Posted by: Graham Clements, on 27/06/14

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It's about love, plain and simple.

Two wedding rings.

Two of my friends got married recently. I wasn't able to attend the wedding. It was held overseas. My friends are both men. They can not legally be married in Australia. People have strong views about same-sex marriage. I know some think homosexuality is wrong. But I don't see the problem with two people in love getting married. Not allowing same-sex couples to do so is discrimination. Most people with disability know how discrimination feels. The situation is unfair and unjust. But as my friends remind me, marriage is about love. Plain and simple.

Posted by: Caitilin Punshon, on 20/05/14

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Breaking down the barriers

A photo of an iPad.

When I first started losing my vision the amount of available gadgets to keep me as independent as possible was amazing. And if I thought this was wonderful, the progress in technology during the past 20 years has been mind-blowing. The cost of such technology is out of reach for many. However, the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) comes with a promise of more individual support. There is hope some of this support will come through adaptive and mainstream devices. Many of these gadgets can help break down confronting barriers, and lead to a better quality of life for people with a disability.

Posted by: Kate Giles, on 13/05/14

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