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Isabella Fels

I have been writing mainly articles and poetry on mental health for over 10 years. I have written articles and poetry for 'The Big Issue' on my schizophrenia as well for St Vincent De Paul. I have also featured on the SBS Insight website. I love now getting my articles to rhyme, with DiVine giving me that perfect opportunity.

I want to inform and entertain people with my writing. I like to explore both the positive and negative factors of my illness. Getting into DiVine has been one of the best things that has happened to me.

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Jaebin and Teasha
Jaebin and Teasha

They bonded straightaway.

Jaebin is a wonderful 38-year old man. He has had hearing loss in both ears since the age of 18. He is also starting to show symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. These conditions used to get Jaebin down. However thanks to his assistance dog Teasha, he now feels happier. The dog came from the group Assisting, Wellbeing, Ability, Recovery and Empowerment Dogs Australia. This organisation provides dogs to people who are ill or have a disability. With Teasha, Jaebin finds the motivation to go to the gym. He goes there to improve his balance and coordination. It also helps him become confident by meeting and communicating with people.
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An xray of a brain.
Brain scan

Measuring my brain activity.

Not long ago I took part in a psychological research study. The study measured brain activity in people who have schizophrenia. It is hoped the study will explain whether healthy adults also hear voices similar to people with schizophrenia. I had to complete questionnaires and do many tasks. I am glad I did the study. I challenged some of my fears. I was able to follow directions and do cognitive tasks. I also found out a lot about the general nature of the voices I hear. I would recommend this study to anyone who is interested.
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A photo of Katie Piper
Katie Piper

A special story.

“Beautiful” and “Beautiful ever after” are two books written by Katie Piper about her life. At 24 Katie was a beautiful English woman who was starting her modelling and television career. But when Katie decided to end a relationship with her boyfriend she became a victim of horrific violence. He raped her and a short time later organised for his friend to throw acid in her face. The books explain how hard it is for Katie to face herself in the mirror after she is left with permanent injuries. Katie also writes about her physical and mental journey to recovery.
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The book is co-written by Matthew and Diane Ames.
Book cover Will to live

The book is co-written by Matthew and Diane Ames.

“Will to live’ is a book about Matthew Ames who has to have both arms and legs amputated after a catastrophic infection. The book describes his struggles on how to relearn to eat, talk and use his body. The first part of the book is written by his wife Diane who talks about the events leading up to, and including the amputations. The second part written by Matthew is about his rehabilitation and adapting to a changed life.
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A memorial for the Boston Marathon winners.
boston marathon

Memorial to the Boston Marathon victims.

The book "Stronger "is about Jeff Bauman who lost both his legs in the Boston marathon bombing in 2013. It is a powerful book that shows how the bombing changed his life and the challenges Jeff went through, and continues to experience. Jeff was given great support from his family and the public, including appearing at sporting events. With great determination Jeff learns to walk again.
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A burned roof and chimney.
burnt roof

I now imagine returning home to find a mere cinder of a place.

I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. It means that I worry a lot. I worry I will lose my home and precious possessions in a huge fire or robbery. I also worry that if I don't vacuum enough I will find a mouse in my home. But recently I have been learning to try and use humour to combat my worries and fears. In a group therapy session I learn to take the excessive worry and disaster stories to such an extreme that they become funny. In a strange sort of way I can have a laugh and hope to beat the obsessive compulsive disorder.
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Two people holding hands

Often they are irreplaceable.

Saying goodbye to all the mental health workers who have helped and steered me on the road to recovery is hard. I have gotten very close to them. This is especially so with the workers who I see almost daily. Their departure feels like a big hole in my life. In many ways it is hard to start over and get used to a new mental health worker and to develop the same rapport. But I try to hang onto the good times and memories. And I also try to understand that they too, just like me, have to progress and move on.
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Looking down at the French Riviera from a mountain.
French riviera

The movie stands out for its scenery.

The Finishers is a French sports drama that really tugged at my heartstrings. It tells the tale of a very special relationship between a father and his son. Julien has cerebral palsy and his father Paul doesn’t know how to cope with this reality. After much convincing Paul agrees to enter a triathlon with Julien in Nice. As they prepare for the contest the barriers between them break down and father and son become closer than ever.
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People walking along a path in a park.

We go on walks together.

The Haven is a supported and permanent home for people with mental illness, particularly those with schizophrenia. It opened in 2011 with the help of many individuals, companies and the government. There are 14 people who live there, including me. We each have our own unit. I have my own space and privacy. However we encouraged to mix. There is a communal living area where we get together to play table tennis, monopoly, and enjoy cooking groups. For many of us The Haven stands out for being the best place in the world.
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Young boy listening to music on headphones

A child caught up in the "power of music"

I could not get by without music. Music has helped me in so many ways; surviving boarding school, motivating hard work at the gym, and feeling blessed in church singing hymns. Over the years I have wallowed in love ballads to cope with a broken heart. Uplifting bouncy tunes have helped me survive short-lived career moves. Music is a great cure for loneliness and boredom. I just go with the music and feel the flow and beat of excitement.
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