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Being part of the disability community is something I really enjoy. It brings opportunities to meet fantastic people. It also lets me try sports for all abilities. My work contributes to policy to help protect the right to safety and justice for women with a disability.

I am interested in encouraging the mainstream community to embrace diversity.



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A mother hugging her young child

Parenthood can create big changes

A new study has found many parents with mental illness do not get the support they need. Many fear losing their child. Kate wants to have a baby. But she is worried about what would happen if she got sick. Anj did not get the support she needed after she had her son. But now she runs a playgroup for parents with a mental illness. The women in the group help support each other. There needs to be more parenting services and support. People also need to be told about what services are available.
1 comment - on 31/08/2012
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A large group of people are dancing in Federation Square with their hands in the air and smiles on their faces

400 people danced in Federation Square. Image: Paul Dunn

Have you ever seen a big crowd of people suddenly appear and begin dancing? A group of 400 people recently danced in Melbourne's Federation Square. Surprising performances in public places are called flash mobs. Many of the performers at Federation Square were people with a disability. Most were strangers to each other. But they danced together beautifully. It was a real achievement getting so many people together. It was also very emotional for the dancers and spectators.
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Jody Saxton-Barney smiling and using sign language
Jody SaxtonBarney

Jody Saxton-Barney: sharing information with cultural understanding

A new network has been formed. It is for Victorian Aboriginals with a disability. It is called the Victorian Aboriginal Disability Network. The network is learning about community needs. It also teaches people about their rights. The network wants to improve access to services for Aboriginals with a disability. It also wants to teach people providing services about Aboriginal culture.
1 comment - on 23/04/2014
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woman staring into partners eyes

Relationships are an important part of life

Relationships are very important in our lives. But they can be difficult. They can require a lot of work. There are important skills to learn to learn. There is a program that helps people with an intellectual disability learn more about relationships. The program uses activities and stories. Sessions are led by other people with an intellectual disability. People learn about their rights. They also learn ways to avoid getting hurt. The program is called Living Safer Sexual Lives, Respectful Relationships.
1 comment - on 10/07/2011
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